The Method

Understanding the work and philosophy of Joseph Pilates is essential to becoming a good Pilates teacher. Lineage is important to us to ensure we continue to teach and preserve the method as Joseph Pilates intended.

Our Aim

At J’adore Pilates, we believe reforming your body will transform your life. We’ll teach you the formula to finding -GOOD FORM-. Our tuition provides you with intelligent and corrective exercise that develops good physical and mental form.

“change happens through movement, and movement heals” (Joseph Pilates). 

Pilates is not just for an hour, it’s for life!


Tailored Training

“Private tuition is a higher investment but the results and personal attention are worth it.”

We offer tailored training which provides you with a unique workout that will challenge what’s strong and strengthen what’s weak. We regularly take on referrals from clinical specialists and have a growing interest in professional sport training and how Pilates can help achieve those important marginal gains.

Tailored training is a good introduction to Pilates, giving you time to build on the fundamental movements and develop a better understanding of the entire Pilates system. This will also allow you to participate more confidently in the classes whilst developing your technique.

If you are new to Pilates, or have been recommended to do Pilates to help with an injury, it is recommended that you have a private session prior to joining a group class. This allows us to assess your ability and ensure you join a suitable class.

Lucy and Sam’s classes have literally changed my life! After many years of serious back pain (morphine patches, surgery discussed etc) I started these classes over 18 months ago. I have had no problems whatsoever since. I’m over 50 & over weight, I have to be honest and say I don’t practise every day,  just attend a weekly class. My job means I’m sitting for most of the day (the worst thing for back issues) and I can’t believe the difference. I actually enjoy attending and love the feeling after walking out, feeling two inches taller! Cannot recommend these classes enough, just wish I’d started sooner. Try it, you won’t regret it!”.

Bev Cross