J'adore Pilates

Pilates is about building and maintaining a healthy strong mind and body that enables you to carry on living your life how you choose to live it.

J'adore Pilates

Pilates is about building and maintaining a healthy strong mind and body that enables you to carry on living your life how you choose to live it.

Our instructors

Our teachers continue to pursue their own personal development and seek out tuition with first or second generation teachers from around the World. The closer to the source the teacher is – the more powerful their understanding of the method.

Lucy – “J’adore Pilates – I love Pilates!”

Lucy is a fun, friendly and intuitive teacher who enjoys sharing her passion for Pilates. Since attending her first class over 15 years ago, Lucy has immersed herself in Pilates, qualifying in both Classical and Contemporary styles. With a degree in Sport Science and a background in dance, her natural talent and keen eye for detail ensures you’ll leave her sessions feeling stretched, strong and uplifted.

“I love seeing how people’s minds and bodies change, simply making the impossible more possible for them!”

Lucy has seen and felt the changes in her own body and is fascinated by how the Method of Pilates continually transforms her body. Lucy feels her commitment to Pilates has given her better skills in all the sports she enjoys. Pilates also aided her recovery after a horse riding accident, when Lucy unfortunately fractured her back. Thanks to Pilates, she now feels fitter and stronger than ever before.

Lucy’s skill as a Pilates teacher has enabled her to combine her love of travel with work, teaching in both the UK and abroad as well as travelling to the USA for lessons.

When Lucy is not in the Studio teaching, practising or writing about Pilates, you can often find her out playing with her dog (Teddy) or horse (Rosie), or maybe snowboarding down a mountain, sailing out at sea or more than likely, on a Pilates course!

“Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavour” Joseph Pilates, Return to Life

Sam – “the Pilates man!”

Sam was introduced to Pilates by his sister, Lucy! His perception of Pilates was that of gentle stretching, relaxing music, and something women enjoyed – the latter is true, but you’ll find plenty of guys training at our Studio! After his first private session with Lucy, he felt strong, stretched and exhilarated.

“I believe Pilates is about embarking on a journey with the destination being a body that meets the demands you place on it. It’s not about creating the perfect body but finding the best body you can be to allow you to enjoy your life.” Sam McBride

Sam has a scoliosis so has incorporated Pilates into his exercise regime to help rebalance his body. His commitment to personal practise has allowed him to gain better alignment, mobility and strength, helping him to return his body to a better form.

“Will I be able to straighten my spine? It is unlikely. Will I be able to strengthen my body to correct imbalances, giving me better mobility, less pain and a healthier body? Absolutely!” Sam McBride

Coming from a martial arts background, Sam is used to intensive workout regimes and has been Classically trained in Pilates. He enjoys getting the best out of people and will motivate you to find new strength, more stretch and an increased sense of self-belief! Sam’s classes are great fun so expect to smile throughout your workout!

When he’s not breaking a sweat at the Studio, Sam will be busy looking after his 3 children, crafting some furniture, building a theatre set or working hard on one of his other business ventures.

Pilates encourages change and for most change is not easy – but if you want to create a better, stronger body that can facilitate you living your life how you want to, then our Studio is the place to start.

If you’re looking for quality exercise tuition in a fun, friendly, non-judgemental environment, then get in touch!